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Grand Appliance & TV Rates  


Item # Retail
Fireplace TV Install                         TVHANGFP                     


TV Hang 41" larger TVHANG41+


TV Hang 40" & less TVHANG40-LESS


TV Hang - Kitchen TVHANGKIT


Add on wall mounted Soundbar to TV Install Sku only WMSBADDER**


Basic Home Theater Setup HTBASIC


Deluxe Home Theater Setup HTDELUXE


Premium Home Theater Setup HTPREMIUM


Soundbar wall mounted Setup  HTSB


Basic Sonos Setup SONOSBASIC


Deluxe Sonos Setup SONOSDELUXE


Additional Sonos Zone Added SONOSADDER*


Basic Remote Program Setup RPBASIC


Advance Remote Program Setup (single room) RPPRO


Advanced Remote Program (Multi-room) RPPROM


Component Video setup PROTVHKUP


Component Video setup on stand wtih TV mounted PROTVHKUPFP


Add a table top soundbar TTSBADDER**


Standard Outlet relocation OUTLET


Fireplace Outlet Relocation OUTLETFP


PKGE DEAL - TV Hang 41+ with a Deluxe HT or Sonos Deluxe combined BIDELUXE


PKGE DEAL - TV Hang 41+ with a Premium HT combined BIPREMIUM


Hourly Labor Charge HRLABOR*


Connect a wireless component to an existing network WIFIADDER**


HRLABOR* - sku must be purchased with any other install sku for product pick up at store location by clients home/business or to cover additional labor services outside of scope of work. (not to be sold by itself).
WMSBADDER** - Add a sound bar (wall mounted) to any any wall mounted TV Hang sku. (not to be sold by itself)
TTSBADDER** - Add a soundbar on table-top (must be sold with a PROTVHKUP or PROTVHKUPFP sku only).
SONOSADDER** - Add 1 - 5 rooms consisting of either S5 table-top radio, ZP90 integrated into existing system or ZP120 with exposed wires to speakers)
WIFIADDER** - Add connectable components to existing WiFi network.  (must be sold with any other installation sku except an add on sku)
BIDELUXE** - Package deal, which includes a TVHANG41+ and a SONOSDELUXE or HTDELUXE.
BIPREMIUM** - Package deal, which includes a TVHANG41+ and a HTPREMIUM.

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