Flat Panel TV Installation Services

Just purchased a new TV? — Not sure how to install your new TV, or if you want to just not mess with it?  NGSI provides TV installation services for your home or office.  With the TV mounted on the wall, it provides a clean look, and saves space within the room.  


Fireplace Install

41" & up 

27" to 40"

26" & less

Install Service Options:





Mount Flat Panel TV on wall (drywall surface)


Mount Flat Panel TV on wall (Brick, Stone)




Installation using clients - supplied mounting bracket

Conceal wires within same stud bay (drywall only & excludes electrical power cord)

Conceal wires in track molding (additional charges) or neatly dress wiring outside fireplace to eqiupment location (left or right side - within 2 feet of fireplace)




Connect to existing audio & video equipment (up to 3 components)

Connect to existing electrical power outlet

Neatly dress & wire manage exposed cables or wires

Demonstration on new system

Clean up, removal of empty packaging


Additional Services:

Add a wall mounted soundbar above or below tv (equipment must be located directly below wall mounted TV)  




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