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  • Sound, Video, cameras and Lighting Systems (Installation & Repair)
  • Wireless Microphone assessment & frequency scanning
  • Video Projectors & Monitors / Screens
  • Professional Grade Audio Equipment
  • Digital Signage
  • Recording & Digital Mixers
  • Assisted Listening


There are common issues that all Houses of Worship face. Regardless of the denomination, the challenges usually include dealing with large spaces and hard, reflective surfaces. Fixing the acoustics in a church, is sometimes not possible, or can have limitations. Placing acoustic panels and baffles over Granite and Marble is not only very expensive, but can damage the look of a building that has remained unchanged for centuries or decades. In cases like these we choose a simple approach. We create a system that deals with difficult acoustics by creating less problems in the first place. There are many products available today, that deal with these situations in a very effective way. They are also much more affordable, and remarkably unobtrusive. I encourage you to set an appointment with us for an evaluation of your system. We can demonstrate to you the improvements we can make to the sound of your system.

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